How it works

Cura staff are trained to provide the best care and support you may need. We, recognise that each individual’s personality differs and therefore will always match you with the staff meeting your needs and preferences ensuring a rewarding relationship. We offer a good work life balance to our staff without compromising your care and support service hence our staff are broken down into small teams to ensure you always have a familiar and friendly face each time.

Kicking it off

When you contact Cura or ask for further assistance you will initially deal with the Director or Ops Manager who are both experienced health and social care practitioners with experience providing care through the NHS as well as various organisations in the private sector. You can choose to have further information mailed out to you or should you wish, you can have an informal chat by phone.

No commitment visit

Should you wish to progress further following the initial chat, then the Director or Ops Manager will visit you for a free no obligation chat to assess your care needs. The aim of this visit is to tell you more about Cura and what help we can offer. It’s also to know you better and see how we can fit into your life. They will seek to understand the care required but also to know your preferences, hobbies and interest in order to enable us to build a strong relationship with you by matching you to the right staff from our team. Always remember this is a no obligation visit and as such if you feel we don’t match then don’t hesitate to state so and look further.

Care Assessment

Should you wish to engage our service, once again the Director or Ops Manager will pay you another visit at a convenient time for you. This is when you will be admitted to our service and they will work with you draw up a Care Plan that is just right for you. You will be supported to draw up a plan that is customer-centric and tailored ensuring that you are happy with the service to be provided and that everything you want is captured and articulated within the plan.

Meeting Cura Staff

Once everything has been agreed upon the Director or Ops Manager will once again be available to introduce you to another member of Cura. This will be the primary staff taking care of you. At this meeting we want to ensure that you and our team member are the best fit and should you feel this is not the case then we’ll try again to find a fit.

If you are happy with the staff member the service will begin with a daily/weekly review till we are all happy. At this point like always in our approach, we need as much feedback from you as possible to help the process work.

Care Plan Review

We will regularly review your Care Plan to make sure it is still relevant to you and your current circumstances. To begin with, this may be monthly then every so often but not more than 6 months. At any point in this process, we work with you and the aim is to always ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome. In that regard, we always welcome your feedback throughout your care and support journey with us.  Feedback can be anonymous at any point as well as we encourage you to complete our surveys to help us provide the best service to you.

Working with other professionals

At Cura, we recognise that we will not be the only healthcare professionals involved with your care. As such our staff are trained and have the experience to collaborate with other healthcare professionals to enhance your care experience.

Funding your care

The Scottish Government introduced the Social (Self-Directed Support) Scotland Act 2013 to allow people who require support to lead an independent life and be in control of important life decisions. This act assigns local authority social work departments the duty to offer to those eligible a range of choices as to how they receive their social care and support. This results in people leading happier, more fulfilled lives, as they are able to achieve their aims in life with the type of support they have chosen.

You can choose:

  • Who will provide your services
  • When they will provide the services
  • How you want the services provided
  • Which services you would like in order to meet your assessed need.

You can get more information on